The best way to grow is through helping each other

Our partners are carefully selected to provide the best user experience.

To become a partner with Revnant Co you will need to have an active community that abides by Discord TOS and is dedicated to providing the healthiest of communities to Discord.

For more information, contact one of our Staff Members in our Support Server.

Here are our official Partnerships:

TCD is the first official partnership with Revnant Co.

They have been a major help in our endeavors and continue to provide an excellent customer experience overall.

Here is a small portion of who they are:

As a registered company in the UK we provide a plethora of online services for a multitude of different businesses, small and large.

Our community is fueled with innovation and like minded individuals interested in anything digital, making The Cyber Desk a large knowledgebase to gain and share experiences in the digital sector.

Whether you’re already knowledgeable on IT topics or new to the scene, there’s always a place for you here. The friendly community is always around for quick conversations or in depth discussions on complex computing matters. We bring our company innovation to Discord and provide features rarely found elsewhere.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Capture The Flags
  • Cyber Security Challenges
  • Help Broadcasting
  • Feature Rich Bots
  • Tools and software built for Developers and security fanatics

To find out more information about The Cyber Desk Ltd, check out their Discord Server and Websites listed below:

The Cyber Desk Ltd Official Website

The Cyber Desk Ltd Discord Server

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