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Revnant Co was founded in 2021 after numerous tinkering projects led to broader development.
In fact, RevnantDev had created a total of 12 Discord bot applications that we constantly improved upon prior to the creation of Revnant Co’s own Revnant.

After many attempts to create the best bot ever, Revnant Co was born.

Why we do what we do:

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Our team is dedicated to providing the best, user improved, Discord bot applications around.
In fact, it’s always been that way. Every command that is added to Revnant is a brainchild of user input, and it will remain that way.

“The key to a successful product is by parsing the mind of the consumer.”
~ RevnantDev, Founder of Revnant Co.

Our team:


  • Founder
  • Head Developer


  • Logistics Director
  • Developer


  • Staff and Community Director
  • GFX Developer
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